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The Thorn Birds / The Thorn Bush Bird / Kashinamoosae

The Thorn Birds (also known as The Thorn Bush Bird, Kashinamoosae) is the story of childhood best friends Seo Jung Eun and Han Yoo Kyung who both grew up without their biological mother, but each approaches life with different perspectives – Jung Eun looks forward to the day she’ll meet and spend time with her mother, while Yoo Kyung feels nothing but anger and vengeance towards her mother.

As a young girl who grew up in an orphanage, Jung Eun dreams of becoming an actress, hoping fame could lead her closer to her birth mother. Meanwhile, Yoo Kyung supports Jung Eun’s dreams and even encourages her to look for her parents. 

One day, Jung Eun bumps with a decent-looking teenage boy being bullied by another teen. She helps save the teenage boy and secretly develops a crush on him. Coincidentally, she sees the teenage boy again at the police station where they are both hoping to meet their birth mothers. Jung Eun sees the teenage boy meeting his birth mother, Kim Kye Soon (Song Ok Sook from Missing YouRooftop Prince, Smile, You, Beethoven Virus, Winter SonataGlass Slippers) for the first time but he is coldly left behind by Kye Soon.  Jung Eun approaches Kye Soon and tells her off for leaving her son behind.  Moments later, Jung Eun learns that her birth mother refuses to meet her. In agony, she cries her heart out, not knowing the teenage boy is observing her nearby.  The teenage boy then approaches Jung Eun and they try to shake off the sad incidents and eats together at a busy food stand.  They both enjoy each other’s company and plan to watch a movie together the following week.

Meanwhile, Jung Eun forgets Yoo Kyung is waiting for her and gets mugged by gang members. Jung Eun takes her to the hospital for treatment and the two proceeds thereafter to Yoo Kyung’s house where Jung Eun is supposed to sleepover. Upon reaching the house though, Yoo Kyung overhears her mother speaking with someone on the phone and finds out the person on the other line is Yoo Kyung’s birth mother. Shocked, distraught and humiliated, Yoo Kyung throws a fit and pushes away Jung Eun since she’s the only person who knows the truth about Yoo Kyung’s birth secret.

They fall apart as friends and soon Yoo Kyung leaves for New Zealand with the adoptive family. Years later, they meet at a film production company where Jung Eun (Han Hye Jin from Something About 1%Jumong) is recently hired for a movie bit role, while Yoo Kyung (Kim Min Jung from New Heart) is recently employed as production director. Jung Eun is genuinely happy to see Yoo Kyung after so many years but Yoo Kyung treats Jung Eun as her nemesis and does everything she can to hinder Jung Eun’s success and happiness.  In an unlikely twist of fate, they both get to interact with famous actress Lee Ae Rin (Cha Hwa Yun from Missing You, Temptation of an AngelI am Legend) who happens to be Yoo Kyung’s birth mother, and both even gets romantically involved with the film company successor, Lee Young Jo (Joo Sang Wook from ArangParadise Ranch, Three Dads and One Mom, The Accidental Couple).  On the side, Young Jo’s best friend, movie director Choi Kang Woo (Seo Do Youngfrom Spring Waltz) tries to win Jung Eun’s affection but she only has eyes for Young Jo.

Genre: melodrama, romance, family
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: March 2, 2011 to May 5, 2011


Extended Characters

Yang Mi Ryun (Kim Ha Eun)
Kim Kye Soon (Song Ok Sook)
Choi Jong Dal (Park Ji Il)
young Jung Eun (Kim So Hyun)
young Yoo Kyung (Yoon Jung Eun)
young Young Jo (Lee Min Ho)
Seo Han Byul (Kim Soo Hyun)
Park Han Soo (Choi Jae Won)
Young Han Soo (Kim Dong Young)
Lee Young Gook (Jung Iu Kap)
Yoon Myung Goo (Ahn Seung Hoon)
Soon Geum (Lee Mi Young)
Park Seo Jin (Jung Eun Byul)
Young Jo’s grandfather (Oh Hyun Kyung)
Yoon Hak Goo (Lee Won Jae)
Seo Jin’s father (Choi Sang Hoon)
Yoo Kyung’s adoptive mother (Jung Kyung Soon)
Lee Soo Young (Jang Min Ho)
Policewoman (Lee Mi Eun)

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The Thorn Birds Soundtrack

01.    Let Us Here (Beige & Lee Suk Hoon of SG Wannabe)
02.    I Knew Someone (SG Wannabe)
03.    He is Leaving [new version] (Lee So Ra)
04.    Someone (Narsha of Brown Eyed Girls)
05.    My Everything (4Phone)
06.    He is Leaving (Lee So Ra)
07.    Someone [orchestra version] (Narsha of Brown Eyed Girls)
08.    Memory of Alca
09.    Lime Tree
10.    The Thorn Birds
11.    If I see you again
12.    Black
13.    Scar
14.    Desperate
15.    May
16.    Suspect
17.    Regret

Thorn Birds OST Part 1

01 I Knew Someone (SG Wannabe)

Thorn Birds OST Part 2
01 He’s Leaving (Lee Sora) 

Thorn Birds OST Part 3
01.    Someone (Narsha of Brown Eyed Girls)
02.    My Everything (4Phone)
03.    Someone [orchestra version] (Narsha of Brown Eyed Girls)

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