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Faith (also known as The Great Doctor) is a 2012 Korean drama about Goryeo era royal warrior, General Choi Young (Lee Min Ho from The HeirsCity Hunter, Personal Preference, Boys Over Flowers) and modern-day plastic surgeon, Dr. Yoo Eun Soo (Kim Hee Sun from Goodbye My Love).

Choi Young and the Woodalchi troop are escorting King Gongmin (Ryoo Duk Hwan, from My Little Bride) and Queen No Gook (Park Se Young from School 2013Love Rain) from Yuan, China to Goryeo (old time Korea) when their ship to Goryeo suddenly goes missing, leaving the group without a choice but to stay in a tavern, where they were expectantly attacked by assassins. Choi Young is able to protect the King, however the Queen is led to a separate exit by her lady-in-waiting. With the lack of royal guards to protect her, the Queen is attacked and sustained severe wound to her neck. Unfortunately, the royal doctor, Jang Bin (Lee Philip from Secret Garden) lacks confidence in his ability to save the Queen so the King’s councilman, Jo Il Shin (Lee Byung Joon from Me Too, Flower!, Dream High, Secret Garden, Cinderella Man) convinces the King to call in God’s doctor, who’s known to have traveled to the heavens through a portal.

Yielding to the call of duty, Choi Young steps into the portal and enters an unknown world dimension in search of God’s doctor whom he must bring back to the Goryeo period in time to save the severely wounded and dying Queen. He then finds himself leaping forward 700 years into present-day Seoul, where he kidnaps Dr. Yoo Eun Soo from a medical convention after having ascertained her skills to revive a dying person. Before leaping back to Goryeo, Choi Young vows to bring back Eun Soo to her world after the doctor successfully saves the Queen from the medical emergency. At Goryeo, Eun Soo immediately performs a life-saving operation on the Queen and when it was deemed the Queen is safe from further medical danger, Choi Young takes Eun Soo to the site of the portal with the intention of sending her off to her world but Choi Young was unable to keep his promise when the King orders for Eun Soo to remain in Goryeo.

Town folks then catch wind of the great doctor, whom they perceive to be God’s doctor. Political oppositions start to take interest in kidnapping Eun Soo thereafter not only for her exemplary medical skills but also for her precious knowledge of the future. Because of the imminent danger to Eun Soo, Choi Young keeps his guard high to keep Eun Soo safe and alive until such time he can fulfill his promise of sending her back to his world. What happens then when he is able to guard her but fails to guard his heart from falling in love with the lovely doctor?

Genre: historical, romance, action, fantasy, medical
Episodes: 24
Broadcast network: Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS)
Broadcast period: August 13, 2012 to October 30, 2012

People in the Palace
Royal Medical People
Woodalchi Troops

  • Bae Choong Seok (Baek Kwang Doo)
  • Oh Dae Man (Kim Jong Mun)
  • Deol Bae (Kang Chang Mook)
  • Deok Man (Yoon Kyun Sang)
  • Joo Suk (Jung Yoo Chan)
  • Jeom Oh (Kwang Hoon)
Gi Chul's People

  • Chun Eum Ja (Sung Hoon)
  • Hwa Soo In (Shin Eun Jung)
  • Goo Yang Gak (Jo In Pyo)
  • Ki Won (Choi Suk Jin)
  • Ja Woon (Hwang Woo Yun)

Watch the complete drama with english subtitles -- Click HERE
1.     Carry On (Ali)

Part 2 
1.     Because My Steps Are Slow (Shin Yong Jae [4MEN])

Part 3 
1.     Bad Person (Jan Hye Jin, MC Sniper)
2.     Faith [Main Title-String Ver.] (Various Artists)
3.     I Am Woodalchi [Great Big Choi Young] (Various Artists)
4.     Smile [Lovely Face-Eunsoo] (Various Artists)
5.     Sadness [Pf String Ver.] (Various Artists)
6.     Flower Garden (Various Artists)
7.     Move and Run [String Ver.] (Various Artists)
8.     The Dangerous Time [Choral Ver.] (Various Artists)

Part 4 
1.     Teardrop (Younha)
2.     Teardrop [Inst.] (Various Artists)

Part 5 
1.     Look At You (Seong Hoon [Brown Eyed Soul])
2.     Faith [Choral Ver.] (Various Artists)
3.     The Blade Of Red-Moon (Various Artists)
4.     The Palace Story (Various Artists)
5.     Attack Point (Various Artists)
6.     Moon Of The Princess (Various Artists)
7.     Tears Of Soldier (Various Artists)
8.     The Justice (Various Artists)

Part 6 
1.     Wind's Song (Young Joon [Brown Eyed Soul])
2.     I Am Woodalchi [String Ver.]
3.     Move & Run [Original Ver.]
4.     Forever [Carry On-Pf Ver.]
5.     Trick
6.     Shadow Man
7.     Dancing In The Moonlight
8.     War Of The Fire

Part 7 
1.     Love (Rumble Fish)
2.     Love [Inst.] (Various Artists)

Full Album 
1.     Carry On (Ali)
2.     Because My Steps Are Slow (Shin Yong Jae [4MEN])
3.     Bad Person (Jan Hye Jin, MC Sniper)
4.     Look At You (Seong Hoon [Brown Eyed Soul])
5.     Wind's Song (Young Joon [Brown Eyed Soul])
6.     Because It's You (One Piece)
7.     Faith [Main Title-String Ver.] (Various Artists)
8.     I Am Woodalchi [Great Big Choi Young] (Various Artists)
9.     White Night (Various Artists)
10.  Knife Wind (Various Artists)
11.  Witchprayer (Various Artists)
12.  Worry or Afraid (Various Artists)
13.  Missing You (Various Artists)
14.  Happy Dance (Various Artists)
15.  You & Me (Various Artists)
16.  The Dangerous Time (Various Artists)
17.  Move & Run [Original Ver.] (Various Artists)
18.  The Palace Story (Various Artists)
19.  Dancing In The Moonlight (Various Artists)
20.  Smile [Lovely Face – Eunsoo] (Various Artists)
21.  Sadness [Pf String Ver.] (Various Artists)
22.  The Blade Of Red - Moon (Various Artists)
23.  Shadow Man (Various Artists)
24.  Attack Point (Various Artists)
25.  Moon Of The Princess (Various Artists)
26.  Tears Of Soldier (Various Artists)
27.  Forever [Carry On - Pf Ver.] (Various Artists)
28.  Flower Garden (Various Artists)
29.  The Justice (Various Artists)
30.  Trick (Various Artists)
31.  War Of The Fire (Various Artists)
32.  Old Market (Various Artists)
33.  Bloody Warrior (Various Artists)
34.  Bad Table (Various Artists)
35.  I Am Woodalchi [String Ver.] (Various Artists)
36.  Move And Run [String Ver.] (Various Artists)
37.  Faith Main Title [Main Title - String Ver.] (Various Artists)

Recommended Items:

Faith OST (AKA: The Great Doctor) (SBS TV Drama) - $14.99

As Lee Min Ho's first costume drama and the comeback project of 90s drama queen Kim Hee Sun, the SBS fantasy historical series Faith is one of the most anticipated dramas of 2012. Kim Hee Sun stars as a modern-day plastic surgeon who gets whisked back in time to the Goryeo era by a royal guard. There, she must deal with her sudden role as a divine healer valued by both the king and those contending for the throne, as well as her burgeoning love with Lee Min Ho's royal guard. Faith reunites renowned director Kim Jong Hak with screenwriter Song Ji Na, the creative team behind The Legend and the seminal classics Sandglass and Eye of Dawn.
The soundtrack for Faith features a stunning lineup of talented vocalists. ALi sings the main track Carry On, a soaring ballad with orchestral accompaniment. Brown Eyed Soul's Sung Hoon and Young Jun contribute the solo ballads "I See You" and "Song of the Wind", respectively. The OST also includes 4men member Shin Yong Jae's "Because My Steps are Slow", female vocal group One Piece's "Because It's You" and Jang Hye Jin and MC Sniper's "Bad Person".
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